Going Off The Script

It’s amazing the things a person can accomplish when struck by utter boredom and unlimited amounts of time. I happen to be one of those people who go insane without a project to work on, so, I decided to create this website in an attempt to bring filmmakers from all around, together on one platform. I knew I wanted to create a place where filmmakers can meet, talk, watch amazing short films, and promote their own works! So I asked my friend Katie if she would be interested in creating a website, and here we are!

Right now, people need creativity and entertainment more than ever. Corona-Virus has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, and has upturned the lives of millions more. But, from a happier point of view, it has given people the opportunity to be creative in ways they have never tried before. For example, I have always known that I want to go into the film industry. I’m one of the lucky ones who can go into college knowing what they want to do, but I’ve never been able to pursue film in the way I am now. There’s just so much time! I hope that in writing this, I might inspire a few people to pursue their dreams during this time. Anyway, my goal for “Frame by Frame, Letter by Letter,” the blog here at Off The Script Films, is that I will share my creativity with you, and you will share your’s, not only with me, but with everyone who checks out the website. We want to create a place where we can all share with and entertain each other, receive feedback and grow a community that absolutely loves filmmaking!

Here, Katie and I want to share our ideas, processes, projects, short films, favorite movies, and screenplays with all of you. Basically, anything film related you can find here! That’s the premise behind “Frame by Frame, Letter by Letter.” We want people to realize that sometimes the best ideas come alive in situations like this, or any other situation that is so called “Off The Script.” We want to share the fact that the best moments on the screen and off the screen usually are unscripted and improvised. After all, how boring would life be if it was all planned down to the nano-second. Human beings love surprises! Good ones at least.

Whoever you are, a beginner filmmaker, an average film lover, a pop culture geek, or just about anyone, we want you to realize that we all have something to share. So don’t be afraid to improvise, or create something totally unscripted. Because the best things in life, they happen “Off The Script.”

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