A Hunger to Create

When I was in grade school, I had a friend, who had an older sister, who had a video camera, who made Indiana Jones movies with her friends. Was it love at first sight, yes, but the point is my homies older sister, who I thought was hot I might add, was able to put together an actual movie, credits and all, just her and her friends, at thirteen years old. Me being ten at the time thought, this is revolutionary, it probably went in my head something like, “I can make movies
with my friends? Dang, I’ll be the coolest kid in class and impress my homies sister.”

From then on, after receiving a video camera for Christmas, me and the homies were making movies. If you were coming to my house back then, you knew we were making some kind of stupid homemade flick, and it was going to be awesome. Whether it was about fighting zombies, aliens, didn’t matter, we were making something cool and my little brother was playing the bad guy. It was simple times, I loved it.

As my homies from then moved away one by one, I went into junior high with a goal to find new friends to make movies with. And I never really found any until I turned nineteen. Luckily, my hunger to create never died off during my search. I would often have to motivate myself keeping in mind, “I know making movies is what I want to do, maybe I don’t have the people to make a movie with right now, but I might as well use this time to tighten my skills however I
can.” The binge of Film Riot tutorials was real, learning any effect and technique I could in an effort to improve my filmmaking.

This is for those who feel maybe they’re in a similar creative funk. No, maybe you can’t make that project you have your heart set on right now, but that doesn’t mean you should get discouraged and stop creating. Create within your range, your accessibility, for your given situation. Create something smaller that you feel will help better prepare you for that dream project. Keep creating and challenging your craft.

Don’t lose the spark waiting around for an opportunity, prepare for the opportunity so when it does come around, you’re more prepared than you ever felt you could be. If your heart is invested in an idea enough, then trust me your opportunity will come, but the key is to not lose the passion and spark. So no, maybe you can’t make that dream project you want right now, so
go ‘Off The Script’ and make something else in the meantime. Always stay hungry to create.

Behind The Scenes (The Rock)

Courtesy of Catado Filmmaking

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