‘The Beauty of Self-Distributing Your Movie’

So, you take all this time to make a movie, you put all your energy into it. You feel like you’ve climbed mountain upon mountain to make this idea in your head a tangible moving picture people can lay their eyes upon. The only problem, no one is laying their eyes upon it. The all too often sensation after getting that final export, feeling all accomplished and such, that lasts for about two seconds before you ask yourself the question, well now what? Well the answer is actually pretty simple; you need to get eyes on your movie. “Sounds obvious but how?”, a quiet yet curious voice utters. Well, let me tell you quiet yet curious voice. Get creative! All that creative energy that you put into making your movie, now needs to be refueled to full for the distribution. Sure, you can look to someone else to distribute it, have them take their creative freedom on your movie you have so much of your heart invested in, just for them to break it with a mediocre trailer. Or you can just simply spend the time to do it yourself!

Look at it like this maybe, you make a movie, now all of a sudden you own a whole movie. If I owned a whole movie, what’s the first thing I would do you might ask? Well show it off of course. I’d let everyone know that this movie I made and own is the coolest thing and tell everyone they should, no, need to see it!  What I’m trying to get at is, what you do after making a movie, is just as important as making the movie in the first place. Let the people know that you made a movie and your proud! Make a dope trailer for it, make a kick-ass poster, hype yourself up! And spend the necessary time in doing so. People know when there’s heart in something, investing that heart into your distribution could go a long way. Maybe, just maybe, the right person will appreciate the heart enough to take your movie to the next level. You never know, so hey you might as well try! You didn’t make a movie for nothing right?

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