Our Mission

Off The Script Films is dedicated to helping filmmakers worldwide showcase their projects and share their thoughts. We hope to be a haven for filmmakers everywhere and create an amazing community where we can all support each other. While sharing stories and learning from others, we strive to create our own content and grow our community.

Our Team

Nate Drew

Creator, Filmmaker, Website Manager

Nate Drew is an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer. He has made multiple no-budget short films over the last few years and has hopes to become a professional cinematographer or film editor. He has been hired to shoot and edit multiple short videos, and run professional live streams. He is always looking for new projects to expand his knowledge and skills.

Email me personally at: ndrewfilms@gmail.com

Katie Youn

Creator, Screenwriter, Website Manager

Katie Youn is one of the creators of Off The Script Films. Her love and passion for film has led her to be part of this project. She hopes to continue Off the Script’s mission and make an impact on the film industry in the future.

Email me personally at: wonder2357@gmail.com

Emma Krewson

Social Media Coordinator

Emma Krewson is the Social Media Coordinator here at Off The Script Films. She has helped write the music for many of Nate Drew’s personal films and continues to help grow Off The Script’s following. She is an aspiring music teacher, but wants to spread her wings and understand more about music in film!

Email me personally at: egkrewson@gmail.com

Mikayla Pedano

Marketing and Business Strategist

Mikayla Pedano is an actress and aspiring filmmaker. She has acted in multiple short films and is in the process of directing a film herself.  She hopes to make someone’s day a little bit better through her contribution to the film industry.

Email me personally at: mikaylapedano@gmail.com

Want to work with us?

“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things.”

-Martin Scorsese

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”

-Stanley Kubrick

“Do or do not. There is. no try.”