Unholy Smokes: The Tale of Van Hunks & The Stranger (2020)

Film Description

A fantastical comedic short film shot in Cape Town, South Africa, for the #myrodereel2020 competition. It tells the fable of Jan van Hunks and how the clouds (table cloth) form on top of Table Mountain.

A film by Atree Sound & Film

Theater Management (2020)

Film Description

A crooked deputy tries to manage his job and his mafia gang while a cameraman follows him around.

A film by Kyle Hastings

Pit Stop (2020)

Film Description

A simple gas station pit stop turns into a heated battle of principles in this comedy short film from writer/producer Mim Epstein, writer producer Ian Simpson and director Cody Lee Brown. Starring Molly Ryman and Walter Weaver.

A film by Cody Lee Brown

Salt City (2018)

Film Description

Kid, an eccentric 28-year-old, has returned to his rustbelt hometown after being away for 10 years. He sets out on a personal odyssey to find an ex-lover, encountering several Salt City freaks along the way.

A film by James D. Froio

Hairball (2020)

Film Description

An over-worked and hungover young man wakes up in his flat and finds something stuck in his throat.

A film by Jonathan Hawes (One Door Films)

Letters From The Heart (2020)

Film Description

After a break up from a long-term relationship, Felix decides to write his ex-girlfriend a letter to let her know how well he is taking it.

A film by Doyen Artists

Mr. Shan – Episode 1 (2020)

Film Description

Mr. Shan – Season 1

Mr. Shan is the story of a young Chinese immigrant in Hollywood on his journey to become the greatest actor of all time. “The Chinese Mr. Bean” – Indie Film Review

Created by and Starring: Eddie Shan

Produced by: Zephyr Entertainment, LLC.

“Pilot” – WINNER Best Web Series Micro Short Episode, Houston Comedy Film Festival
“Pilot” – NOMINATED Best Director, Houston Comedy Film Festival
Episode 4 “Boba War” – NOMINATED Best Web Series Micro Short Episode, Austin Micro Short Film Festival

A film by Zephyr Entertainment

Never Record A Ghost (2020)

Film Description

A young student is ready to face what someone else fears: the truth of the unknown. Ready to find out why you should NEVER RECORD A GHOST?

A film by L & E Productions

The Rock (2019)

Film Description

This guy is afraid of “a rock”? Maybe he has a good reason to be, maybe he’s just trippin’.

A film by Curtis Catado

Backpack (2020)

Film Description

Just Roommates Presents: BACKPACK

We all know someone who struggles to put their backpack away…

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A film by Zephyr Entertainment & Just Roommates Comedy