What Is A Creator?

Become a part of a growing, global community of creators, dedicated to bringing the art of filmmaking to people all over the world. With this new addition to our website, you can now share much more than just your films! You can now share content of all kinds, whether it’s a blog post, a short video, a tutorial, or a film review, you can share it all and get your name out there; All for FREE! Become a creator now!

Creator Abilities

As a creator what can you accomplish?

  • You can write and create blog posts
  • You may create tutorials and videos
  • You can write about your recent projects
  • You can contribute your own films and screenplays
  • You can share photographs and create a portfolio
  • You can write film reviews
  • You may create whatever content you feel should be shared

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Fill out our application form linked here.

Step 2 – Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you will receive an email explaining that your application is being reviewed.

Step 3 – Upon approval, you will receive an email outlining instructions as to how you join our official list of creators.

Step 4 – Accept our creator invitation and begin creating content!

Our Creator’s Latest Work

Creator Guidlines

Please read the creator section of our terms and conditions before applying to become a creator. Creators can be removed from Off The Script Films at any time, without notification

All creator content must be reviewed by an administrator before publishing. If you have any questions, please email offthescriptfilms@gmail.com.