Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Dani Sadun is a rising film director and screenwriter. Currently studying Film in Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), she is passionately making up her filmography. Though most of her works are short and aimed to experiment her skills, Pandemia (2020) has marked the beginning of her determined path to Filmmaking. Versed in telling all kinds of stories through the moving pictures, she has now started to raise her voice as an independent film director. 

Pandemia (2020)

Film Description

Pandemia tells the story of Mia, a young university student who struggles to cope with the terrible truth that was rapidly spreading around the world: the global pandemic. In this journey, we see how the young lady changes her perspective about the Coronavirus.

Off The Script Films’ Review

Dani Sadun’s Pandemia is beautiful in the way that it captures the events going on all over the world right now. Pandemia does a wonderful job taking a large and complicated problem, and turning it into a simple and short, yet moving cinematic experience. It’s amazing to see how such a vast story can be told through such simple animation, although I’m sure the work behind the animation is far from simple. Pandemia is unique in and of itself because it has the ability to connect with so many people on an emotional level, much unlike a big, blockbuster movie strictly made for entertainment. I love watching a film that makes you think about how things are changing in your very own world. With simplistic yet beautiful animation, creative dialogue, and a very compelling storyline, Pandemia well exceeds our expectations for Short Film of The Month.

-Nate Drew

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