Dom Grose is a no budget filmmaker, trying to specialise in the horror genre.

The Drawing (2020)

Film Description

What happens when your artistic vision comes to life?

Off The Script Films’ Review

Dom Grose’s The Drawing will leave you quivering in your seat. He has an exceptional talent for horror films and he knows just how to creep his audience out. The Drawing has a very professional feel for a no-budget film. Towards the end, the special effects and makeup look very real and the cinematography brings out the story even more. It makes you feel trapped, like you can’t go anywhere and are forced to follow the story to it’s not so pleasant ending. Not only does his film have a very real feel to it but it also brings the classic horror story to your own dining room. As you watch you might even find yourself looking over your shoulder, expecting something to be coming up your own staircase. Everyone has their own monsters and this film does a wonderful job bringing them to life. Keep it up Dom Grose, we can’t wait to see more!

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