Vending Machine (2020)

Film Description

A young Japanese boy searches for a mysterious vending machine after the passing of his parents.

A film by Tomiya Hills

Ripples (2020)

Film Description

Too many deaths. Too many wrongfully accused. Too much pain caused to people because of the colour of the skin. 

I would like to invite you to watch a Short Film where Spoken Word Artist Paul Gialo and I teamed up to create a visual poem about being black in Britain, the racism he notices in the country, the importance of the Black Lives Matter Protests and his own personal experiences with racism. This isn’t a trend, this is much more. Feel the ripples of prosperity.

A film by Adam Savva

Seeing Green (2020)

Film Description

A film about perspective, family and cannabis. A single mother grapples with the antics of her teenage son, putting their relationship to the test. After a trying day, can a change of heart bring them closer together?

A film by Tom McNie

Lost In Search (2020)

Film Description

A story following one man’s struggles as he has been left astray in the confusing time of quarantine. Shifting between him facing reality and searching for an escape from depression.

A film by Malik C Terrab

Postmortem Dialogue (2020)

Film Description

Two ghosts discuss the emotional consequences of their post-life existence.

A film by PlayGlow

The Beautiful People (2020)

Film Description

The Beautiful People is a silent short film about the effect society can have on a person.

A man navigates through the vile streets of New York to meet up with a friend.

A film by Aly Hegazy

Dante: A Replication (2020)

Film Description

A man discovers the source of a mysterious call, leading him towards a terrifying discovery of Replication as his reality begins to unravel… HIS WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE

Created in isolation by teenage latino-american filmmaker Diego Andaluz over two hours with just an iPhone and no traditional filmmaking equipment, DANTE: A Replication is the first film in the Replication series, a series of shorts revolving around an alternate world where nothing is as it seems, and was inspired by the unconventional structure of PARASITE, the surreal works of DAVID LYNCH, the unilateral production techniques of PRIMER , and elements of MR. ROBOT as well as Jordan Peele’s horror films US and GET OUT. 

The director would like to thank the following creatives for inspiring him to create this short film: David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, David F. Sandberg, Alan Resnick, Robert Eggers, Ari Aster, Trey Edward Shults, Sam Esmail, Nicholas Ashe Bateman, Amy Seimetz, Jonathan Glazer, Mac Qualye, RJ Mitte, Aneesh Changatay, John Krasinski, Darren Aronosfky, Benjamin Walfisch, Jim Cummings, Stanley Kubrick, Shane Carruth, and many many more.

Please help us share the short — our goal is to make a more ambitious sequel or feature set in this world, and any momentum we can continue to build here will help us achieve that goal! Liking, sharing on social media, and recommending it to friends and family will help us a ton! Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to us!

A film by Diego Andaluz – Andaluz Films

Shadow Harbour (2020)

Film Description

Hong Kong is a city in flux. Its residents are caught in the midst of huge political and social shifts. As the world changes around them – sometimes daily – their search for a way forward forces them to confront fear and uncertainty. It’s here, in this darkness, that Shadow Harbour explores the nature of resilience.

A Film by Domingo Lamarre

Professionals (2020)

Film Description

A troubled man can’t seem to find answers for his simple insect problem. Surely a professional will be able to help, no matter how long it may take.

A film by Normalcy Studios

Morning Dreams Come True (2020)

Film Description

There is a proverb or a superstition in India that “subah ke sapne sach hote hai” or morning dreams come true. This movie deals about the story of a kid who is interested in flying planes and his dreams. This whole film is in sign language.

A film by Sirshendu Chaudhuri

Flores & Platos (2020)

Film Description

An impeccable house attacked by the chaos … of keep it impeccable.

A film by Santiago Baca

Bitter Sorrow (2020)

Film Description

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if something you like is extinct? If you only had your memories? If the world couldn’t find a plan B? Bitter Sorrow is a short film about a woman through depression after chocolate went extinct in the world.

A film by Soul Sight Pictures – Danny Rosette

Bum Promises (2016)

Film Description

Deep in the Smokey Mountains, a beaten down drifter, unsure of his own humanity, manipulates his way into the home of two grieving siblings.

Bum Promises is a short film adaptation of the original play “Bum Promises” written by Jason David. The play was first produced at the University of Southern California in Spring 2015 and directed by Marc Rosenzweig.

A film by Zephyr Entertainment