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Film Library

The Doppelgänger (2021)

A film by Stuart Hamilton
The Doppelganger full cast and crew
    Stuart Hamilton

Film Description

A man comes face to face with his Shadow Self.

he110 (2020)

Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
A film by Fritz Frauendorf


he110 full cast and crew
    Matthew Ruf as James
    Jessica Vollhardt as Erica
    Adalina Aladro as Faith
    Rori Beja as Tina
    Mikko Kuokka as Ben
    Matthew England as Andy/Android Server

    Directed by Fritz Frauendorf
    Written by Matthew Ruf
    Produced by Ofelia Brossa
    DP: Eunicet Pamela
    First AC: Maitreya Gokhale
    Gaffer: Matteo Martignago
    Sound: Ricky Brown
    Edited by Juan Raymos Raymundo
    Original Score Composed by: Darren Morze Make-Up: Rori Beja
    Production Design: Lindi Cecile
    Grip: Tim Jiang

Film Description

In an alternate 2019, people have lost the ability to talk to each other. James is in search for deeper connections within the behemoth of online dating and hookups that manifest the digital world around him.

Directors Bio

Fritz Frauendorf is a recent graduate of the New York Film Academy BFA Filmmaking program.
He now operates as an independent writer and director in the Los Angeles area.
He has directed several shorts that have screened and competed in film festivals from Burbank International to Austin.

HONI (2020)

A film by Designed Assassinations
HONI full cast and crew
    Casting- Rohit Sawant
    Written and Directed by: Durru Aravind

Film Description

An anonymous paper flies into the apartment of a poet. Things written on it happen to predict his future. He tries every inch to change his fate, but…… “HONI ko badal nhi sakte” (Translation: We can’t change what is bound to happen.)

Directors Bio

Storyteller | Filmmaker | Editor
This is my hobby short films & documentary YT channel. I write stories and make low budget films in Hindi & Telugu languages and subtitles in English.

Valentine’s Eve (2020)

A film by Dean Midas
Valentine’s Eve full cast and crew

Film Description

Has Serial Killer Eve Valentine returned to West Manor after 68 years?

Back Where We Started From (2016)

A film by Khadejah Miller


Back Where We Started From full cast and crew
    Directed by Khadejah Miller
    Written by Khadejah Miller and Lynda Spagur
    Produced by Khadejah Miller
    Edited by Khadejah Miller

Film Description

 Sabrina reunites with her mother 11 years after her parents’ messy divorce. Sabrina must attempt to fix her parents’ broken relationship.

Home (2020)

Narrative Short
A film by Max Peterson
Home full cast and crew
    Cast: Adam White, Eean Pitcock, Nolan McKinney, Luke Bernshausen
    Direction, Filming, and Editing: Max Peterson
    Music and Sound provided by: CO.AG Music, SleepySounds, Acerting Art, Lucas King, 1HarryH, Dimos Stathoulis, Sintonizar, Das Creations, All Sounds, Peder B. Helland, Paradox Mirror, Raw Material, Sound Ideas,
    Visual and Sound FX Key Grip: John Schaff

Film Description

A man tries to get back home during grim times in the United States.

Look! (2019)

A film by Adam Trad
Look! full cast and crew
    Director – Adam Trad Director of Photography – Fabio Capodivento
    Producer – Daniela Ercoli
    First Assistant Director – Jill Drenen
    Original Music Composition – Ivan Cester
    1st Assistant Camera – Acauã Doherty
    1st Assistant Camera – Andrea Joshua Asnicar
    Camera Operator – Kuran Dhillon
    2nd Assistant Camera – Jeremy Richardson
    Art Department – Ayla Cotterill
    Production Design – Fiona Delalande
    Sound Recordist – Millie Levakis-Lucas
    Sound Mixing – Doron Kipen ASSG
    Gaffer – Joshua Sylvan
    Gaffer – Adam J Marsh
    Hair & Makeup – Maniola Bashi
    Colourist – Timothy Whiting
    Production Assistant – Stephen Frost
    Production Stills & BTS – Sara Vivona
    Graphic Design – Scott Edwards

Film Description

Today, like every day in this Sightly Park, Evan sits on a bench, fixating himself on the lives of the people around him and seeing beyond what his eyes can see.

Directors Bio
Read more
    Adam Trad was born in Beirut. When he was 7, his family moved to Melbourne, Australia. He found his passion in Film at an early age of 13, creating short films with his friends in School. He has since become involved in productions both in Australia, and around the world, working on Short Film/Commercial/TV series projects.

    He completed school at Huntingtower School, a private school in Melbourne’s east. He later completed his tertiary education at Monash University. His specialty has been music video production, however he has also worked on producing and Directing Short Film & Commercial projects. In 2016, he was Executive Producer of Black to White, a film that featured in local and international film festivals. He also Directed Paradigm which was a local success. In 2018, he directed Nèna, garnering his first Directing award internationally. Production for Look! also commenced in the last month of 2018, and the Film is set to be finalised in the first half of 2019.

The Chase (2020)

A film by Christian Reeve


The Chase full cast and crew
    Christian Reeve, Dutch Dills

Film Description

The Chase is an intense horror short. The Chase is on….but why? Will the chaser find his prey? Or will his prey get away?

Directors Bio

Content creator, an aspiring actor, YouTuber, musician, writer, poet, marketing professional, vlogger, podcaster, and more!

   Bussin’ (2020)

Animation, Comedy
A film by Acute Animation
Bussin’ full cast and crew
    Produced and Directed by: Davey Jarrell and Dom Bournés
    Written by: Dom Bournés, Davey Jarrell, and Miya Kodama
    Design: Davey Jarrell, Charlotte Vevers, Justin Matheney and Nathan Jones
    Animation: Davey Jarrell, DeLon Warren, Milo Neuman
    Coloring: Devin Uhlman
    Backgrounds: Megan Maniago
    Score: Josh Grondin
    Sound Mixer: Ethan Zeitman
    Sound Engineer: Brian Yoon

    CAST Cody/Monkey/Cat – Davey Jarrell
    Babs/Turtle/Hippo – Dom Bournés
    Mrs. Bitzy – Bukola Ogunmola
    Mom/Skunk/Dog – Angie Sarkisyan
    Dad/Possum – Evan Macedo
    Porcupines – Taylor Rivers

Film Description

It’s Coda the Kid’s first day of school. Making new friends is hard enough, but will he even make it to the bus’s final stop?

Directors Bio
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    The foundation of Acute Animation is excellent storytelling with compelling, fully imagined characters. From research, design, story development, and spectacle, we bring acute attention to detail while making the process from page to screen a journey! We specialize in 2-D animation, but will soon launch projects that bring new techniques to light. Our goal is simple: to create stories with “a new angle.”

Seeking Shelter (2016)

A film by Zephyr Entertainment
Seeking Shelter full cast and crew
    Directed by: James Goldberg
    Produced by: James Goldberg, Mike Smith, Kevin Ramlal, Marc Rosenzweig, Haven Johnson, Jon Pham
    Director of Photography: Jon Pham
    Camera Operator: Collin Lindsey
    Production Sound: Haven Johnson
    Editor: Mike Smith, Jon Pham
    Color: Jon Pham
    Sound Design: Kevin Ramlal
    Sound Mixer: Haven Johnson
    Original Score by: Haven Johnson

Film Description

Seeking Shelter was produced in 2016 for the 120 Hour Fusion Doc Challenge. Filmmakers had to plan, shoot, and edit a short documentary in just 5 days. 

The City of Los Angeles has one of the largest stray dog populations in the country. Seeking Shelter examines the current system in place that’s dealing with these dogs, the people fighting to make it better, and the dogs caught in between.

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Directors Bio

 Zephyr Entertainment is an award-winning full-service production company based in Los Angeles, California.

Find out more about Zephyr Entertainment:

Saviour (2019)

A film by Allison H
Saviour full cast and crew
    Written, Directed, and Edited by Allison Ham
    Boy- Tristan Miura
    Girl- Cindy Xu

Film Description

Saviour tells the story of a boy struggling to find light in his life and he must make the decision on whether or not his life is worth living anymore.

Directors Bio
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    Allison is a film student at Ryerson University. She loves to tell her stories using a film as a platform but also enjoys expressing herself through other artforms such as painting, and songwriting.

A Stone’s Throw (2020)

A film by Matthew Stevenson
A Stone’s Throw full cast and crew
    Starring- Eleni Ordans as Kate/Stranger

    Written and Directed by Matthew Stevenson
    Sound: Surobhi Chatterjee
    Producer: Matthew Stevenson
    Production Assistant: Emily Jarvis
    Editor: Matthew Stevenson
    Foley Artists: Adelmo Luccoli and Matthew Stevenson


Film Description

Kate’s quiet night in is interrupted by a mysterious stranger.

Directors Bio
Read Matthew Stevenson’s Bio
    Filmmaker from the South of England creating low and no budget short films, music videos and documentaries trying to further my craft and skill with each project.

Is Your Daughter Home? (2019)

A film from Vincenzo Nappi
Is Your Daughter Home? full cast and crew
    Cast: Christopher de Varennes, Jasmine Winter

    Vincenzo Nappi

    Vincenzo Nappi

    Vincenzo Nappi

    Vincenzo Nappi

    Lorenzo Gutiérrez

    Raphael Cohen-Demers

    Arielle Connolly

    Marco Carreiro

    Alessandro Azzuolo boom operator
    Lorenzo Gutiérrez sound mixer / sound recordist

Film Description

Mark Reiter stands in front of his love’s house as he practices what he will say to her mother.

Directors Bio

Vincenzo Nappi is a Canadian writer, editor, and director born in Montreal, Quebec. He is best known for his short films “First Bite” and “Is Your Daughter Home”.

Schizz (2020)



Language, Explicit Images

Schizz full cast and crew
    Made by Brody Gordon Digital Glitch Artwork by Cedric Wilson

Film Description

A man in isolation starts communicating with his heater.

Directors Bio
Read more
    Filmmaker in Lincoln, NE. Most of my work has been me with the exception of a couple shorts I no longer promote. I write and direct, but I’ve also done editing and hands-on camera work. “Schizz” is me from the acting to the soundtrack, still working on my sound mixing. When COVID ends I will be making my first big short and always writing.

Mortality (2020)

A film by Jeff Richardson/Louie Hamilton/Skyler Taylor
Mortality full cast and crew
    Written by Jeff Richardson, Louie Hamilton, Skyler Taylor
    Directed by Jeff Richardson
    Starring Taylor Broom, Danielle Dameron-Broom
    Music by Louie Hamilton, Micah Hamilton, Skyler Taylor
    Special Thanks to Sunshine Shelley’s Pumpkin Patch – Shawnee, OK

Film Description

A man discovers something strange in his field.

Dolly v Eve (2020)

A film by Dean Midas
Read more
    The Rag Dolly – Faye Ormston
    Eve Valentine – Sam Lavery
    Chief Inspector – Adrian Holmes-Morris
    Jason Redman – As Himself
    MP For Willington – Carl Dhiman
    Dr Judith Elliot – Ellie Dhiman

Film Description

Two North East Horror icons come face to face on Halloween night at West Manor in County Durham.

The Rag Dolly v Eve Valentine.

Chief Inspector Adrian Holmes-Morris faces a race against time to not only protect his town, but bring the two serial killers to justice.

Directors Bio
Read more
    I am a film producer & writer of horror films. I am based in the North-East of England.

    My film, Legend of the Chained Oak won best film awards at the Stoke Your Fires, Portobello & Bram Stoker Festivals in 2014.

    I launched my characters, The Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine in 2019.

Bearing (2020)

Coming Of Age
A film by August Reinisch

Language, Substances

Bearing full cast and crew
    August Reinisch, Stirling Hogan, Gabe Lester, Rose Johnson, Fred Burdge

Film Description

A coming of age film set within modern London. Where a boy uses his love of skateboarding to escape his abuse family and the struggles of life.

Directors Bio
Read more
    I’m a 19 year old filmmaker who wanted to help up and coming (16 year old) actors and writers be able to create their vision.

It Comes At Halloween (2020)

It Comes At Halloween full cast and crew
    Written/Directed/Edited/Sound-designed by: Madhurzya Guha Roy
    Assisted by: Priyanka Guha Roy
    SpecialFX by: Joseph Rob Cobasky
    Music by: Andreas Schmelz

Film Description

“After moving to the new apartment, he can feel a sinister presence of someone or something which reveals itself at the night of Halloween.”

Directors Bio
Read more
    I am an indie film-maker. Based in Kolkata, India. 27 years old, male. Indie Film-maker. Specialized in Horror, Thriller, Suspense & Action. My mission is to make great content for all the film-loving people and to spread a wave of madness through my works. to entertain them, inspire them, and to feed them with good content, I will dedicate my Passion & Madness.

Vending Machine (2020)

A film by Tomiya Hills
Vending Machine full cast and crew
    Tomiya Hills – Director, Cinematography, Sound, Editor
    Adam Dixon-Galea – Producer
    Tom McKenna – Assistant Editor
    Joseph McKenna – Colourist
    Daniel Gillett – Composer
    Seb Tomlinson – Post-Sound Supervisor

Film Description

A young Japanese boy searches for a mysterious vending machine after the passing of his parents.

Directors Bio
Read more
    Born and raised in suburban Adelaide, Australia, Tomiya Hills’s brief but explosive impact on the short film, Tangent (2015) was one of the first steps that he took towards his path of “glory”. Funding the brilliant short film, Tomiya’s producer role on the set of Tangent (2015) was a short but effective presence, helping to create one of Australia’s finest films in a short format. His following film – Codename: Heartfire (2019), saw him undertaking yet another producer role for an underground up-and-coming director, where his influence yet again took massive strides. Currently exploring more options for films, Hills is seeking out scripts that pique his interest with him promising to fund films that are promising and potentially interesting.

Doubt (2020)

A film by Jeff Richardson/Skyler Taylor
Doubt full cast and crew
    Written/Directed by Jeff Richardson & Skyler Taylor
    Starring Dana Ray, Louie Hamilton, Skyler Taylor
    Music by Louie Hamilton, Micah Hamilton, Skyler Taylor
    Special Thanks to Micah Hamilton, Shadow Stephenson, Lou Hamilton, Judy Hamilton

Film Description

A woman discovers something horrifying while on a deserted road.

The Interview (2020)

A film by Ismail Hasanoglu
The Interview full cast and crew
    Director/ Writer/ Mahmut/ Droid: Ismail Hasanoglu
    Co-Director: Halit Hasanoglu

Film Description

In a dark room, a Turkish journalist make an interview with world’s first realistic artificial intelligence called “Droid”. This interview show Droid’s thoughts about world, religion, society and humanity.

Directors Bio

Ismail Hasanoglu is a Turkish filmmaker based on Istanbul. He makes short fiction and documentary films on his YouTube channel. 

Unholy Smokes: The Tale of Van Hunks & The Stranger (2018)

A film by Atree Sound & Film


Unholy Smokes full cast and crew
    Attie Basson: Props Master, Prop Maker, Grip
    Jurgen Bosman: Director, Production Designer & Coordinator, Editor, Producer, Prop Maker
    Premananda Kirtan Das: Music Composer
    Josua de Vries: DOP, Steadicam Operator, Drone Pilot, Key Grip, Colorist, Editor, Producer
    Beth Fleming: Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor, Make-up Artist
    Wynand Fourie: Sound Mixer & Designer, Music Composer, Focus Puller, Grip, Producer
    Luan Kleingeld: Screenwriter
    Wilma Nell: Prop Maker, Sculptor
    Francois Taljaardt: Scenic Artist, Set Decorator, Graphic Designer

    Attie Basson: Pirate Narrator #3
    Jurgen Bosman: The Stranger/Devil, Pirate Narrator #1
    Wynand Fourie: Wife, Pirate Narrator #2
    Caleb Starling: Son
    Francois Taljaardt: Jan van Hunks

    A special thanks to Annie’s Wardrobe for the amazing costumes and accessories.

Film Description

A fantastical comedic short film shot in Cape Town, South Africa, for the #myrodereel2020 competition. It tells the fable of Jan van Hunks and how the clouds (table cloth) form on top of Table Mountain.

Obsession (2020)

A film by Jeff Richardson
Obsession full cast and crew
    Written and Directed by Jeff Richardson
    Sound Editing by Louie Hamilton
    Soundtrack provided by jurek46pink (YouTube)
    Special Thanks to Brian Moore, Shaun Davis, Louie Hamilton, Liz Patterson, Skyler Taylor

Film Description

A short Horror/Comedy film. The second of five short horror films being released in October.

The Sanctuary (2016)

A film by Zephyr Entertainment

Distressing Images

The Sanctuary full cast and crew
    Directed by: Marc Rosenzweig & Haven Johnson
    Executive Producer: Maura Mannle
    Produced by: James Goldberg, Mike Smith & Kevin Ramlal
    Co-produced by: Marc Rosenzweig, Haven Johnson, & Maura Mannle

    A Zephyr Entertainment Production

    Starring: Maura Mannle, Daisun Cohn-Williams, Kendra Hill, & Kelly Hancock

Film Description

A woman trapped in an asylum finds out the truth about why she’s there…

Read more
    The Sanctuary premiered in Los Angeles at the The 120 Hour Film Festival on October 15th, 2016. The festival was created by James Franco and Scott Haze as a challenge for filmmakers to complete a Short Horror Film in just 5 days. 17 hand-selected teams had 120 hours to write, shoot, edit, and finish their project.

    The Sanctuary was nominated for Audience Choice Award and Best Special Effects Makeup at the 120 Hour Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Film at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest (Dec 2016) and screened at Crypticon Seattle 2017. The film is now available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.
Directors Bio

Zephyr is a LA-based production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward-thinking creatives. Zephyr Entertainment was founded in 2013 by Mike Smith and Marc Rosenzweig.

Zephyr Entertainment Network is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of California.

Theater Management (2020)

Crime – Dark Comedy
A film by Kyle Hastings


Theater Management full cast and crew
    Directed and Written By: Kyle Hastings
    Director of Photography: Alan Arizivu, Holly Ludwick
    Starring: Kyle Hastings, Andy Palomo, Joshua Maxwell, Alan Arizivu

Film Description

A crooked deputy tries to manage his job and his mafia gang while a cameraman follows him around.

The Orb (2020)

A film by Sergio Yanez
The Orb full cast and crew
    The Orb
    a Short Film by Sergio Yáñez

    The Orb – Lauren Hunkele
    Susan – Trinidad Del Real

    Written and Directed by Sergio Yáñez (@sergioatthemovies)
    Editing – Sergio Yáñez
    VFX – Sergio Yáñez
    Music – Pablo Salinas Riveros (@PSRMusicSound)
    Sound Design – Alejandro Mallea
    Sound Mixing – Alejandro Mallea
    Color Grading – Sergio Yáñez

    A Rolling R’s Production

    Shot on Moment Lenses
    Edited with Hitfilm Express
    Additional Sound Effects from

Film Description

The Orb is the new big thing, and Bill can’t wait to get his hands on it. But what is he bringing into his life?

Directors Bio

Sergio Yáñez is a Chilean writer/director living in Los Angeles, California.

His favorite work is theme-heavy movies, usually comedies, where he can explore topics of interest in modern times through witty dialogue and plot.

Revenge (2020)

A film by Skyler Taylor/Jeff Richardson
Revenge full cast and crew
    Written by Jeff Richardson/Skyler Taylor
    Directed by Jeff Richardson
    Starring – Skyler Taylor/Adrian Maldonado/Jeff Richardson
    Music by Louie Hamilton/Micah Hamilton/Skyler Taylor

Film Description

Revenge – The 1st release of 5 short horror films. Meet Jack.

Pit Stop (2020)

A film by Cody Lee Brown
Pit Stop full cast and crew
    Molly Ryman
    Walter Weaver
    Marge Geoghegan

    Written by:
    Ian Simpson
    Mim Epstein
    Cody Lee Brown

    Directed by:
    Cody Lee Brown

    Director of Photography:
    Stephen Holm

    Chadwick Nelson

    Produced by:
    Mim Epstein
    Ian Simpson
    John Pesavent

    Camera Operator:
    Brett Bittner

    First Assistant Camera:
    Keith Moechnig

    Second Assistant Camera:
    Alec Zender

    Production Sound Mixer:
    Adam Biel

    Hair and Makeup:
    Sarah Drews

    Joe Slagerman

    Key Grip:
    Dave Pope

    Laura Deshane
    Charlie Berg

    Thom Vandendolder

    Production Assistants:
    John Wildaur
    Jack Ruelle
    Vinny Colosimo

    Location Manager:
    Chuck Graff

    Sound Mix:
    Bryan Hanna

    Oscar Oboza

    Title Design:
    Jesse Pelkey

    Special Thanks:
    Murphy’s Service Center
    Chuck Graff
    Mara Sutterfield
    Sharon Meikle
    Chris Hadland
    Nice Shoes
    Rachel Knoll
    Steve Barone
    Allison Brink
    Patrick LaBella

Film Description

A simple gas station pit stop turns into a heated battle of principles in this comedy short film from writer/producer Mim Epstein, writer producer Ian Simpson and director Cody Lee Brown. Starring Molly Ryman and Walter Weaver

Salt City (2018)

A film by James D. Froio

Language, Substances

Salt City full cast and crew
    Writer/Director: James D. Froio Producers: James D. Froio and Brandin Fennessy

    Cast: Brandin Fennessy, Clare Lopez, I.H. Vergara, Chuck Teska, Derrick Whitt, Brandon Ferraro, Chris Dell, Aconda Williams, Jillian Ashley Bruyere, Fox Applegate, Natasia Lee White

Film Description

Kid, an eccentric 28-year-old, has returned to his rustbelt hometown after being away for 10 years. He sets out on a personal odyssey to find an ex-lover, encountering several Salt City freaks along the way.

Ripples (2020)

Drama – Visual Poem
A film by Adam Savva
Ripples full cast and crew
    Director – Adam Savva
    Editor – Adam Savva
    Writer – Paul Gialo
    Music – Scott Buckley
Praise for Ripples
See Reviews
    Genuine display of our current reality. Beautifully directed, beautifully written, this is amazing. Entertaining and emotional, informational and educational. Well done.

    -Lily Wa

Film Description

Too many deaths. Too many wrongfully accused. Too much pain caused to people because of the colour of the skin. 

Read more
    I would like to invite you to watch a Short Film where Spoken Word Artist Paul Gialo and I teamed up to create a visual poem about being black in Britain, the racism he notices in the country, the importance of the Black Lives Matter Protests and his own personal experiences with racism. This isn’t a trend, this is much more. Feel the ripples of prosperity.
Directors Bio

In Secondary school, I was that kid that seemed to never be paying attention. Seemingly in my own world of drawings and act structures for scripts I was writing, when I should’ve been focussing on the lesson in-front of me. I’ve had an urge to tell stories since writing my first short story at eleven, which I strongly believe is the worst story that’s graced this world. But, I was told by a great mentor to keep trying until I “Fail Better”.

Read more
    When I left school, I immediately knew I wanted to conquer the world of directing. After building my first directing my first play for the National Theatre Connections festival, and getting instant gratification of praise from others, I was hooked. I am so happy that I made that decision. I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk the industry. I embrace the metaphors and symbolism. I like to make the world a better place for an hour or two.

Brosa Nostra (2018)

Comedy – Webseries
A film by Zephyr Entertainment

Language, Substances

Brosa Nostra full cast and crew
    Brosa Nostra stars Jason David, Autumn Chiklis, Tre Hall, Jack Shulruff Marc Rosenzweig, & James Goldberg and features Daniel Rashid, Ronak Gandhi, Eddie Shan, Isaac Jay, Geoffrey Katz, Dani Goffstein, Alex Diehl, Marcus Wayne & Romeo Miller as co-stars. The series is created and written by Mike Smith, Zach Rodham & Connor Fitzgerald; and is produced by James Goldberg, Marc Rosenzweig, & Kevin Ramlal, executive producers Noor Alfallah, Remi Alfallah & Nicole Boxer, and Zephyr Entertainment.

Film Description

After 33 years of exile, Steve Olivieri wants Sigma Mu Theta to return to Greek Row at Southern California College. A legion of fraternity presidents would rather he not. In this world, the only rule is debauchery.

Created by Mike Smith, Zach Rodham and Connor Fitzgerald

Read more
Directors Bio

Zephyr Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward thinking creatives. For more information, visit

The Drowned (2020)

A film by Daniel Johansson


The Drowned full cast and crew
    Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Daniel Johansson

    Additional Camera Operator: Sofie Borg

    Starring Daniel Johansson William Fjärvik Krieg

Film Description

Inspired by an old Swedish ghost story.

Behind The Scenes

This film was shot in less than two hours, and post production was done in eight. Also, the water was incredibly cold.

Seeing Green (2020)

Comedy, Drama
A film by Tom McNie


Substances, Distressing Images


Seeing Green full cast and crew
    Cast Joanna Pope: Mother Rory Stroud: Son

    With Alex Dowding Joe Jennings Peter McConville.

    Casting Director: Jane Frisby

    Director: Tom McNie Producer: Thomas Lumeau

    1st AD: Michael Moore Production Coordinator: Oliver Clarke

    Production Coordinator: Alexandra Kravariti

    Story Editor: Ryan Hogan

    Cinematographer: Matt Gillan

    1st AC: Catharina Scarpellini 1st AC: Oliver Munks 1sr AC: Bensalem Mitchell

    Assistant Camera: Adam Thomas Assistant Camera: Hugo Topott Assistant Camera: Rebecca Richards

    Gaffer: Shaun Waldie Spark: Bert Hurtado Spark: Charles Power

    Production Designer: Merve Uzuner

    Makeup Artist: Joanna Franks

    Wardrobe: Ronan Morrow

    Art Assistant: Alice Larner Art Assistant: Reka Podlussany Art Assistant: Layla Brady

    Editor: Dan Kutcher

    Colour Grading: Chris Bell

    Sound Design: Timo Saila Sound Recorded by: Blai Escayola Bosch

    Music By: Hollie Buhagier

    Special Thanks Arri Rental Pinewood MBS ACE Van Rental Village Pharmacy Belsize Dental Care Andrew Siddall

    © TNT Film Ltd 2020 | Made in London, UK.

Film Description

A film about perspective, family and cannabis. A single mother grapples with the antics of her teenage son, putting their relationship to the test. After a trying day, can a change of heart bring them closer together?

Directors Bio

Telling a story without words presented a rewarding challenge. It lets us reach as many people as possible while exploring the cinematic medium at its purist. Without dialogue, we used camera movement to create a rhythm. The film explores the theme of perspective – and crucially how perspectives can change – so we crafted an image system around this; making frequent use of POV; giving perspective to characters at important moments – and life to the inanimate objects that are key to conveying the narrative.

Read more
    To enhance the ideas of shifting perspective further, my friend and standout cinematographer Matt suggested we introduce some heavy lens breathing (an affectation of older lenses) and after some research we opted to shoot on Hawk V-Series anamorphics. Though this beautiful glass presented endless (truly endless) challenges during production, it allowed us to contrast the different dimensions in the frame. I like playing with depth; and these lenses created a clear distinction between fore- middle and background. A huge thank you to Arri for all their support.

    The subject matter is sure to irk some viewers, but it’s important to recognise that there is no clear message to this film. It is a portrait; taking an objective look at a perfectly ordinary family – and how drugs enter into the equation in a way that’s true to life today, but without passing comment about what these events mean. It’s up to the audiences to decide how they feel about the choices these characters make. With the film, I hope to add to the ongoing debate about drugs in British society, but mainly I hope to entertain as many viewers as possible.

    If the film finds an audience, it will be the first in a trilogy of projects that explores drug use in Britain; how it is now and how, for better or for worse, it might be in the future.

The Promise (2019)

A film by Hector A Calles
The Promise full cast and crew
    Written and Directed: Hector A. Calles

    Director of Photography and Edition: Hector A. Calles

    Production Assistant: Mayra G. Duran

    Acting Talent

    Sofia V. Calles: Teenage Girl

    Mom: Sandra P. Hernandez


    “No Place Like This”
    Neil Cross

    Keith Anthony Holden

    “Slow and Somber Haunted Piano Notes”
    Bobby Cole

    “Cinema Horror”
    Bobby Cole

    Special Music Sound Effects

    Special Thanks to

    Full Sail University
    Edward Stork
    Brandon Redmon
    Steven Ziegler
    Duante Belton
    Zachary Bridget
    Keren Robinson


    Sony PWFS5

Film Description

After a viral attack incident in Los Angeles, a teenage girl was dismissed early from school, only to find out her world has fallen completely apart.

History of Present Illness (2020)

A film by Phil Anjum
History Of Present Illness full cast and crew
    ALANI Caitlin Wilson
    DR. MOSE Stephen Manos
    GABBY Ajiri Ovuworie
    CREATURE Capton Siluvairajan
    EXTRAS Ilse Hernandez, Isiah
    Chillous, Sarah Qennah, Saarah Anjum

    WRITER & DIRECTOR Phillip Anjum
    PRODUCER Ajiri Ovuworie
    Dombeck, Saarah Anjum DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Chance
    ART DIRECTION Tyria Wilkins
    GRIP & ELECTRIC Capton
    Siluvairajan / Ikram Farah
    / Yacqub Abdalla
    SOUND – Jabari Cole, Adam
    Wilkins, Heather Ream
    HAIR & MAKEUP Sarah Qennah
    CREATURE COSTUME Julia Vernier

    EDITOR Adam Dombeck
    MUSIC Nathan Bersee
    Dombeck / Liz Cutshaw
    COLORIST Jonathan Steffine
    VFX Kara Crumpton
    TITLES Ryan LaFever
    CRAFT SERVICES Saarah Anjum

Film Description

A first year medical student’s stress and anxiety begin to take physical form as she navigates the first year of medical school. 

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    Synopsis: Alani is a first-year medical student who struggles with stress and anxiety. She turns to an advisor, Dr. Mose, for help. As the pressure of medical school begins to take physical form, Alani realizes that Dr. Mose isn’t helping her, and she is left alone to deal with the increasingly terrifying sights and sounds that she alone seems to experience.

Directors Bio

Phillip Luis Anjum is currently a medical student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Before medicine, he studied film and biochemistry at the University of Michigan. 

The Pet (2020)

Sci-Fi, Horror
A film by Madyesta Studios


The Pet full cast and crew
    CAST: Madhurzya Guha Roy, Becky Jo Harris, Brian Larios
    DIRECTED BY: Madhurzya Guha Roy
    Guha Roy
    Madhurzya Guha Roy
    ASST DIRECTOR: Milan Dey
    MAKEUP: Madhurzya Guha Roy,
    Priyanka Guha Roy
    PRODUCTION: Madyesta Studios

Film Description

This Is An Experimental Science Fiction Horror Short Film/Short Concept Film.



By Your Side (2020)

A film by James Malcolm


Written & Directed by James Malcolm.
Produced by Abby Maguire & James Malcolm.
Camera Operation by Abby Maguire.
Director of Photography – James Malcolm.
Edited by James Malcolm.

Film Description

You can’t outrun your demons, they’re always by your side.


2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty, anxiety and bags of spare time, which I found to be the perfect catalyst for starting production on my first horror short. This is the first of (hopefully) many horror shorts that my partner and I will be producing together; inspired by the simple things we find truly frightening. 

Lost In Search (2020)

A film by Malik C Terrab


Writer/Director/Editor: Malik C Terrab 
Lead actor: Miguel M Olivas 
Original Music: Ben Winfield

Film Description

A story following one man’s struggles as he has been left astray in the confusing time of quarantine. Shifting between him facing reality and searching for an escape from depression.


I am an aspiring filmmaker, who hopes to study film in college. I make no-budget shorts with friends. 

Buddy (2020)

Kids Film
A film by Lee Stapleton


Buddy full cast and crew
    Director: Lee Stapleton
    Writer: Lee Stapleton
    Producer: Lee Stapleton
    Original Music: Miller Yule
    Sound Mixing: Miller Yule
    Buddy Animation and Compositing: Stewart van der Wal
    Video Game Graphics Animation and Compositing: Josh Todd
    Editor: Lee Stapleton
    Cinematographer: Lee Stapleton
    Production Assistant: Mandy Parker

Film Description

When COVID-19 sends a country into lockdown, a man discovers companionship when he least expects it.

Hairball (2020)

A film by Jonathan Hawes (One Door Films)




Starring Matt Hawes
Music by David Rubenstein
Sound by Adrian Hawes
Poster Illustration by Tom Kang
Poster Design by Matt Hawes
A One Door Films production

Film Description

An over-worked and hungover young man wakes up in his flat and finds something stuck in his throat.

Directors Bio

Born in Beeston Rylands, Nottingham, after graduating with a BA in Film and Television Studies from the University of Nottingham, I became a freelancer in video production and have been self-funding short film projects since then.

NEFRA (2020)

A film by Sumukh M Suresh (Fan Followers)


Cast: Sumukh M S
Direction, Editing, Story, Cinematography by: Sumukh M S

Film Description

NEFRA is a fictional suspense thriller directed, filmed, edited & written by Sumukh M Suresh. This film was shot on zero budget using an iPhone camera.

A group of friends plan to make a video to spread awareness about the Nefra Virus. They also plan to hang out together post the shoot, as it had been a long time since they met. The nationwide lockdown which mandates quarantine still persists. 

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    Rahul, one of the friends, warns them about social distancing and the fatal consequences of the violation of this rule. However, on his friends’ persistence, he reluctantly agrees to join them the following day. Next morning is the day of the shoot. Watch the film to find out what fate has in store for the friends.