MISSING (2020)

A film by Madyesta Studios





Film Description

Horror Short Film “MISSING” | Madyesta Studios | 2020

‘The City Of Joy, Kolkata (Calcutta), where an infamous clown from the famous Indo Circus, is missing from last Halloween night. The police department is looking for the clown and his fans are praying for his comeback; there is only one person who knows the truth behind the clown’s disappearance. But what he knows, that’s not where it ends…’


We are a team of indie filmmakers. The team is led by Madhurzya Guha Roy, the founder of Madyesta Studios. We want to make creative content for all the horror loving people out there to fulfill their appetite for horror. We dedicate our passion. We are Madyesta Studios… Madness To Create…

Mr. Shan – Episode 1 (2018)

Comedy – Webseries
A film by Zephyr Entertainment


Series Directed by: 
James Goldberg … (1 episode, 2018)
Haven Johnson … (1 episode, 2018)
Avi Kaye … (1 episode, 2018)
Kevin Ramlal … (1 episode, 2018)
Marc Rosenzweig … (1 episode, 2018)
Mike Smith … (1 episode, 2018)

Series Writing Credits :
Zach Rodham … (writer) (6 episodes, 2018)
Eddie Shan … (writer) (6 episodes, 2018)

Series Cast:
Eddie Shan as Mr. Shan (6 episodes, 2018)

Series Produced by:
James Goldberg … producer 
Haven Johnson … producer 
Avi Kaye … producer 
Kevin Ramlal … producer
Marc Rosenzweig … producer 
Eddie Shan … executive producer
Mike Smith … producer 

Series Cinematography by: 
Jon Pham … (6 episodes, 2018)

Series VFX by:
Avi Kaye

Series Sound Department:
Joakim Nilsson … (6 episodes, 2018)

Film Description

Mr. Shan – Season 1

Mr. Shan is the story of a young Chinese immigrant in Hollywood on his journey to become the greatest actor of all time. “The Chinese Mr. Bean” – Indie Film Review

Created by and Starring: Eddie Shan

Produced by: Zephyr Entertainment, LLC.

“Pilot” – WINNER Best Web Series Micro Short Episode, Houston Comedy Film Festival
“Pilot” – NOMINATED Best Director, Houston Comedy Film Festival
Episode 4 “Boba War” – NOMINATED Best Web Series Micro Short Episode, Austin Micro Short Film Festival


Zephyr Entertainment is a production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward-thinking creatives. 


Shadow Harbour (2020)

Drama – Cyberpunk
A film by Domingo Lamarre


Executive Producers JURI VAN ZYL


Narration by Lisa Suliteanu 

Creative Development Domigno Lamarre & Juri van Zyl
Director Photography Christopher Tang
Focus Puller Vincent Ip
2nd Assistant Camera Derek Ng
Gaffer Sadie Granberg
Grip Joshua Rasco
Sound Operator Amos Ho  
Cage Fu

Production Assistant James Bernardo
Production Assistant Beverly Chang
Edit Domingo Lamarre
Sound Design and Mix Clément Ferré
Colorist Martin Gaumond

Film Description

Hong Kong is a city in flux. Its residents are caught in the midst of huge political and social shifts. As the world changes around them – sometimes daily – their search for a way forward forces them to confront fear and uncertainty. It’s here, in this darkness, that Shadow Harbour explores the nature of resilience.

Miniatures (2020)

A film by Matias Luge


Starring: Erik Markus Schuetz, Leif Eisenberg

Screenplay/Director/Editing/VFX: Matias Luge
Location Manager: Maximilian Loos
DOP/Grading: Philip Steger
Gaffer/Props/SFX: Samuel Böhm
Sound/Graphic Design: Katja Fickenwirth
SFX Make-up: Claudia Schumann
Making of/DIT: Felix Konerding

Production: NF Trainee Projects

Film Description

A model maker finds a model kit under strange circumstances: An Avro Lancaster bomber from World War II. He begins to assemble it – and a “pilot” sets off to fulfill his duty …

A horror short film by Matias Luge

Matias Luge – Writer and director
Born in Argentina, he first studied biochemistry in Tübingen for 3 years before turning entirely to film.
In the meantime, he works as production manager at Naumann Film GmbH in Munich, where he oversaw the shooting of numerous high-end commercials for Lufthansa
Cargo, MAN Truck & Bus, LG and Knorr- Bremse.

Professionals (2020)

Psychological Drama
A film by Normalcy Studios


Directed by Adam Cain and Matt Marino

Written by Adam Cain

Editing and Music by Matt Marino

Starring Adam Cain and Matt Marino

Film Description

A troubled man can’t seem to find answers for his simple insect problem. Surely a professional will be able to help, no matter how long it may take.


Normalcy Studios makes anything but normal films. Whether it be comedy, drama, concept work, or anything else we can dream up, we give it our all and hope to learn a thing or two along the way.

Pandemia (2020)

A film by Dani Sadun


Producer: Kielan Ellis
Director & Writer: Dani Sadun
Executive Producer: Bruno Sadun
Music Composed By: Cesar Cordero
Lead Voice Actress: Sofia Delfini
Extras: Kielan Ellis & Serena Crisali
Sound Designer: Alex Ef
Animator: Dani Sadun

A Geminus Studios Production

Film Description

Pandemia tells the story of Mia, a young university student who struggles to cope with the terrible truth that was rapidly spreading around the world: the global pandemic. In this journey, we see how the young lady changes her perspective about the Coronavirus.

Directors Bio

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Dani Sadun is a rising film director and screenwriter. Currently studying Film in Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), she is passionately making up her filmography. Though most of her works are short and aimed to experiment her skills, Pandemia (2020) has marked the beginning of her determined path to filmmaking. Versed in telling all kinds of stories through the moving pictures, she has now started to raise her voice as an independent film director. 

Never Record A Ghost (2020)

Mystery, Comedy
A film by L & E Productions


Luiz Eugênio Lenzi Júnior: Camera Work, Director, Ghost
Eric Thomas: Actor, Editor, Director

Film Description

A young student is ready to face what someone else fears: the truth of the unknown. Ready to find out why you should NEVER RECORD A GHOST?


Arising from the union of two friends, L&E productions aims to produce and direct quality audiovisual materials with limited resources. After a long period of ideas and conversations, we finally decided to launch our first short film, produced with pride from start to finish in a small town in the interior of Santa Catarina.

Locked In (2020)

Experimental, Psychological Thriller
A film by IG Studios


Entire Production Team: Italo Guzman
Special thanks to: Derek Ruotsala 

Film Description

“Locked In” is an experimental short film, in which we explore the depths of the psychological effects of being locked in due to quarantine in Peru. 
The goal of this short film, is not necessarily to relay a message nor does it have a concrete narrative, but rather has the goal of making you feel anxious, uncomfortable, or uneasy.

Directors Bio

My name is Italo Guzman, im 19 years old. I’m the creator of this short film and of “IG Studios”. I am currently studying Visual Communications and Multimedia in Lima, Peru. I previously lived 16 years in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Shortly after finishing high school, I went to study abroad in Peru. I have a passion for creating, shooting, and editing short films and all kinds of content.

Morning Dreams Come True (2020)

A film by Sirshendu Chaudhuri


Arnab Mandal as Kid
Sanchita Mandal as Mother
Sirshendu Chaudhuri as stanger
Written by- Sirshendu Chaudhuri
Directed by – Sirshendu Chaudhuri
Edited by – Sirshendu Chaudhuri
Assistant Director – Arunava Mandal

Film Description

There is a proverb or a superstition in India that “subah ke sapne sach hote hai” or morning dreams come true. This movie deals about the story of a kid who is interested in flying planes and his dreams. This whole film is in sign language.

OTS Films’ Short Review

This film really gives off a professional feel. The cinematography is amazing, using well focused shots, lighting and composition to tell the story. The use of sign language makes you feel like you are the deaf child in the film. It is well worth a watch!

The Rock (2019)

Dark Comedy/Thriller
A film by Curtis Catado


Mild Language, Substances.


Written & Directed by Curtis Catado

Film Description

This guy is afraid of “a rock”? Maybe he has a good reason to be, maybe he’s just trippin’.

Directors Bio

My name is Curtis Catado, I like filmmaking, I like it a lot.

Behind The Scenes

Special Feature: 
– Behind The Edit of my short film ‘THE ROCK’. 

I revisit ‘THE ROCK’ explaining how certain creative decisions were made in telling the story, as well as cool memories and experiences along the way.

Bird Cage (2020)

Psychological Horror
A film by Ezekiel Barco


Directed, Screenplay, Cinematography And Edited by Ezekiel Barco

Man 1 & Man 2 by Jesus Bajaro III

Music: Für Elise – Beethoven  https://youtu.be/6354X86BkFI
Music by Kevin MacLeod (original composer: Camille Saint-Saëns). Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty...  https://youtu.be/Qnc0PCIIAs8

Film Description

It is a film inspired from the idea of not being able to do anything, no matter what.

Directors Bio

I am an aspiring filmmaker and I wanted to tell my stories through my lens.

OTS Films’ Short Review

Bird Cage is beautifully shot and lit. The lighting and the handheld camera angles really bring about the horror vibe, and display the mood of the story. Ezekiel Barco really knows how to use camera angles, shot composition, and lighting to tell his stories, making them all the more real!

Backpack (2020)

Horror / Comedy
A film by Zephyr Entertainment & Just Roommates Comedy


Written, Starring, Produced, and Directed By: Jason David & Courtney McGowan

Featuring: Kevin Phan

Produced by: Mike Smith & Zephyr Entertainment, LLC

Cinematographer: Avi Kaye

Associate Producer/Sound: Marc Rosenzweig

Editor: Mike Smith

Special Thanks: James Goldberg

Film Description

Just Roommates Presents: BACKPACK

We all know someone who struggles to put their backpack away…

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Zephyr Entertainment is a LA-based production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward-thinking creatives.

For more information and inquiries, visit us at zephyrentertainment.net or email us at contact@zephyrentertainment.net

OTS Films’ Short Review

Backpack is a hilarious and well thought out production. You are sure to laugh as something so simple as a backpack, turns deadly.

The Lovecraft Experiment (2020)

Cosmic Horror
A film by King Abalos

Film Description

A director attempts to film a cosmic horror-core movie, but finds something he was not expecting.

Directors Bio

King Abalos is an award-winning filmmaker from the Philippines. He has produced, written, and directed several films, most notably the psychological thriller “Maria”, which was selected for the Mostra Internacional de Filmes de Escolas de Cinema in Portugal, and produced the multi-awarded film “Ophelia”, an official selection for the Cannes Film Festival in France. “Maria” also won the Bronze Prize at the Filipino Arts & Cinema International Festival. This is his second appearance on Off The Script Films. One Room, King Abalos’ first submission, is featured on his filmmaker page, or here.

In The Depths (2020)

A film by Roes Entertainment


Starring Nathan Beaver-Rose 
Written By Nathan Beaver-Rose
Directed By Josiah Rose
Filmed By Josiah Rose

Film Description

Our first short film I hope you guys like it!

OTS’ Films Short Review

In The Depths keeps you on your toes and will make you wonder what this film could accomplish with more resources. It has a ton of potential! Although clearly a low budget film, Roes Entertainment knows how to put together a short story that will keep you interested!

Flores & Platos (2020)

Experimental / Drama
A film by Santiago Baca


Photography — Santiago Baca
Director — Santiago Baca
Music — Alfred Cortot

Film Description

An impeccable house attacked by the chaos … of keep it impeccable.

Directors Bio

Santiago Baca is an aspiring filmmaker.

Behind The Scenes

Santiago Baca clearly has a mind for artistic film. His shots are beautiful, artistic, and they clearly convey the topic of his film. We hope to see much more from him in the future!

Bitter Sorrow (2020)

A film by Soul Sight Pictures – Danny Rosette


Written and directed by Danny Rosette. Starring Fernanda Camacho. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Film Description

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if something you like is extinct? If you only had your memories? If the world couldn’t find a plan B? Bitter Sorrow is a short film about a woman going through depression after chocolate went extinct in the world.

Directors Bio

I am an aspiring director; I write, produce, film and edit my own short films. My name is Danny Rosette and I am 25 years old.

Behind The Scenes

The shots in this film are absolutely beautiful. When I went to watch this, I was not sure exactly what to expect, but the final product is practically perfect! Danny Rosette knows exactly how to create a compelling story using cinematography and lighting. Definitely worth a watch!

Bum Promises (2016)

A film by Zephyr Entertainment


Language, Substances, Disturbing Themes


STARRING: Ian Boyd Maura Mannle Greg McKillop David “Dojo” Turnbull Nisey Woods John DeMita Directed by: Marc Rosenzweig Written by: Jason David Produced by: James Goldberg & Mike Smith Cinematography by: Michael DiGioia Production Design by: Keith Boos Edited by: Carissa Jimenez Sound Design by: Shirley Jule Original Music by: Haven Johnson Visual Effects by: Young Min Kim

Film Description

Deep in the Smokey Mountains, a beaten down drifter, unsure of his own humanity, manipulates his way into the home of two grieving siblings.

Bum Promises is a short film adaptation of the original play “Bum Promises” written by Jason David. The play was first produced at the University of Southern California in Spring 2015 and directed by Marc Rosenzweig.

AWARDS: Gold Remi for Best Dramatic Adaptation at Worldfest Houston Official Selection of Raleigh Film and Arts Festival 2018 Official Selection of Longleaf Film Festival 2019

Produced by: Zephyr Entertainment http://www.zephyrentertainment.net

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Directors Bio

Zephyr Entertainment is an LA-based production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward-thinking creatives.

For more information and inquiries, visit us at zephyrentertainment.net or email us at contact@zephyrentertainment.net

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