Dolly v Eve (2020)

Film Description

Two North East Horror icons come face to face on Halloween night at West Manor in County Durham. 

The Rag Dolly v Eve Valentine.

Chief Inspector Adrian Holmes-Morris faces a race against time to not only protect his town, but bring the two serial killers to justice.

A film by Dean Midas Film Producer

Mortality (2020)

Film Description

A man discovers something strange in his field.

A film by Jeff Richardson/Louie Hamilton/Skyler Taylor

It Comes At Halloween (2020)

Film Description

After moving to the new apartment, he can feel a sinister presence of someone or something which reveals itself at the night of Halloween.


Doubt (2020)

Film Description

A woman discovers something horrifying while on a deserted road.

A film by Jeff Richardson/Skyler Taylor

Obsession (2020)

Film Description

A short Horror/Comedy film. The second of five short horror films being released in October.

A film by Jeff Richardson

The Sanctuary (2016)

Film Description

A woman trapped in an asylum finds out the truth about why she’s there…

The Sanctuary premiered in Los Angeles at the The 120 Hour Film Festival on October 15th, 2016. The festival was created by James Franco and Scott Haze as a challenge for filmmakers to complete a Short Horror Film in just 5 days. 17 hand-selected teams had 120 hours to write, shoot, edit, and finish their project.

The Sanctuary was nominated for Audience Choice Award and Best Special Effects Makeup at the 120 Hour Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Film at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest (Dec 2016) and screened at Crypticon Seattle 2017. The film is now available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

A film by Zephyr Entertainment

Revenge (2020)

Film Description

Revenge – The 1st release of 5 short horror films. Meet Jack.

A film by Skyler Taylor/Jeff Richardson

The Drowned (2020)

Film Description

Inspired by an old Swedish ghost story.

A film by Daniel Johansson

History of Present Illness (2020)

Film Description

A first year medical student’s stress and anxiety begin to take physical form as she navigates the first year of medical school. 

Synopsis: Alani is a first-year medical student who struggles with stress and anxiety. She turns to an advisor, Dr. Mose, for help. As the pressure of medical school begins to take physical form, Alani realizes that Dr. Mose isn’t helping her, and she is left alone to deal with the increasingly terrifying sights and sounds that she alone seems to experience.

A film by Phil Anjum

The Pet (2020)

Film Description

This Is An Experimental Science Fiction Horror Short Film/Short Concept Film.

A film by Madyesta Studios

By Your Side (2020)

Film Description

You can’t outrun your demons, they’re always by your side.

A film by James Malcolm

Dante: A Replication (2020)

Film Description

A man discovers the source of a mysterious call, leading him towards a terrifying discovery of Replication as his reality begins to unravel… HIS WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE

Created in isolation by teenage latino-american filmmaker Diego Andaluz over two hours with just an iPhone and no traditional filmmaking equipment, DANTE: A Replication is the first film in the Replication series, a series of shorts revolving around an alternate world where nothing is as it seems, and was inspired by the unconventional structure of PARASITE, the surreal works of DAVID LYNCH, the unilateral production techniques of PRIMER , and elements of MR. ROBOT as well as Jordan Peele’s horror films US and GET OUT. 

The director would like to thank the following creatives for inspiring him to create this short film: David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, David F. Sandberg, Alan Resnick, Robert Eggers, Ari Aster, Trey Edward Shults, Sam Esmail, Nicholas Ashe Bateman, Amy Seimetz, Jonathan Glazer, Mac Qualye, RJ Mitte, Aneesh Changatay, John Krasinski, Darren Aronosfky, Benjamin Walfisch, Jim Cummings, Stanley Kubrick, Shane Carruth, and many many more.

Please help us share the short — our goal is to make a more ambitious sequel or feature set in this world, and any momentum we can continue to build here will help us achieve that goal! Liking, sharing on social media, and recommending it to friends and family will help us a ton! Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to us!

A film by Diego Andaluz – Andaluz Films

Ripper (2020)

Film Description

After hearing a daughter yell at her parents that she’d rather go out and have fun at night than spend time with her family, Ripper would take it upon himself to teach the girl a lesson. The lesson that would make her regret her decision.

A film by Andrade Oswaldo

MISSING (2020)

Film Description

Horror Short Film “MISSING” | Madyesta Studios | 2020

‘The City Of Joy, Kolkata (Calcutta), where an infamous clown from the famous Indo Circus, is missing from last Halloween night. The police department is looking for the clown and his fans are praying for his comeback; there is only one person who knows the truth behind the clown’s disappearance. But what he knows, that’s not where it ends…’

A film by Madyesta Studios

Miniatures (2020)

Film Description

A model maker finds a model kit under strange circumstances: An Avro Lancaster bomber from World War II. He begins to assemble it – and a “pilot” sets off to fulfill his duty …

A horror short film by Matias Luge

Starring Erik Markus Schuetz, Leif Eisenberg

A film by Matias Luge

Bird Cage (2020)

Film Description

It is a Film inspired from the idea of not being able to do anything, no matter what.

A film by Ezekiel Barco

Backpack (2020)

Film Description

Just Roommates Presents: BACKPACK

We all know someone who struggles to put their backpack away…

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A film by Zephyr Entertainment & Just Roommates Comedy

The Lovecraft Experiment (2020)

Film Description

A director attempts to film a cosmic horror-core movie, but finds something he was not expecting.

A film by King Abalos

The Drawing (2020)

Film Description

What happens when your artistic vision comes to life?

A film by Dom Grose

A Close Encounter (2020)

Film Description

A Teenager wakes up, in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat. He goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Whilst he drinks the water he begins to see a being through the bottom of the glass. When he puts the glass down the being is gone…

A film by William Barham