The Day Tom Corman Disappeared

A film by Jeff Richardson


Jeff Richardson – Writer/Director/Cinematographer
Taylor Broom – Actor

Film Description

A nature photographer recovering from his mother’s death finds himself lost in an unfamiliar forest and must escape before he’s lost for good.

Off The Script Films’ Review

Jeff Richardson’s The Day Tom Corman Disappeared is a telling and intriguing story. The story strikes all the right tones for a man in grief; the desire to not be alone is evident in the way you almost have a conversation with the character. This unconventional vlog-like storytelling technique builds an incredibly strong relationship between Tom and the audience for a 10-minute short film. You cannot have a good film or story without a believable and well thought out character. Jeff Richardson nailed every aspect of this. He created a character that mirrors the stages of grief perfectly, yet still, he keeps the film’s originality. A grieving nature photographer, lost in the woods, who finds his old bedroom door is not something you see every day, yet it still makes sense. Unlike a lot of the mainstream films we see today, the story isn’t reliant on suspense, it’s built on connection. Tom yearns for things to go back to how they were before his mother died. In search of that connection he turns towards his childhood, all the while he’s lost in the middle of nowhere. Hats off to Jeff Richardson for creating such a deep, emotional, and complicated film. The Day Tom Corman Disappeared goes much deeper than the surface and emerges with a beautiful story worthy of being shared.

-Nate Drew