King Abalos’ Bio

King Abalos is an award-winning filmmaker from the Philippines. He has produced, written, and directed several films, most notably the psychological thriller “Maria”, which was selected for the Broadway International Film Festival in California, and won the Bronze Prize at the Filipino Arts & Cinema International Festival.

His films are rooted in philosophical, scientific, psychological concepts; exploring human tendencies, the construction of time, and the malleable nature of memory and personal identity.

The Lovecraft Experiment (2020)

Film Description

A director attempts to film a cosmic horror-core movie, but finds something he was not expecting.

Off The Script Films’ Review

King Abalos has a style that is different from many filmmakers. He knows how to make his audience think by providing a subtle storyline. He is able to bring artistic film into a new light and The Lovecraft Experiment is just the most recent example of his skills. The black and white color scheme detaches the audience from the scene, allowing them to comprehend everything that is going on. You are able to get a better read on his story through his handheld cinematography and the images he chooses to focus on. You feel as if you are the character, while still experiencing the luxury of a detached perspective. By the end of the film you will be left wondering about what you saw, and it is every good filmmakers hope to leave their audience thinking. Thank you again for a great film King Abalos!

King Abalos’ Social Media

One Room (2020)

Film Description

During a time of crisis, humanity is locked inside one room.

Off The Script Films’ Review

What an amazing film! King Abalos does a wonderful job capturing this moment in history and how we are all trying to get through it. His voiceover makes you think about everything that is going on in a brand new light. The film gives off an almost dream-like view of the worlds situation, but also manages to show the audience that it is more than just a dream. This is humanities situation and we are all in this together. King Abalos’ One Room is really a work of art, and well worth a watch!

This Film Has Competed at:

Mostra Internacionale de Filmes de Escolas de Cinema (Porto, Portugal)

Global Youth Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Montgomery International Film Festival (Alabama, USA)

Las Vegas Film Festival (Nevada, USA)

Cebu International Film Festival (Cebu, Philippines)

Cefalu Internationale Film Festival (Palermo, Italy)

Latino Short Film Festival (South America)

NYC Greek Film Festival (New York, USA)

Diwa Film Festival (Seattle, USA)

Sinevisyon Internationale Film Festival (Alsancek, Cyprus)

Filipino Cinema & Arts International Festival (California, USA)

Toronto International Film Festival (Ontario, Canada)

This Film Has Been Awarded:

Bronze Prize,  Filipino Cinema & Arts International Festival (California, USA)

King Abalos’ Social Media

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