Off The Script Productions

Off The Script Films is not just a haven for filmmakers everywhere, we also strive to bring you creative content, and perhaps most importantly, short films. On this page you will be able to watch all our work, see updates on our progress, and view wonderful Behind The Scenes pictures. We hope to bring the art of film to your living room, not only with our own productions, but also those of filmmakers worldwide. We can’t wait to get started!

New Chapters Official Trailer

A young girl tries to find a way to close a painful chapter of her life.

[RELEASED] New Chapters || An Off The Script Films Production

2020 was an intense year. But all throughout, we filmmakers were looking for ways to continue to be creative, true to ourselves and our time. New Chapters is a film illustrating the struggles a teenage girl is going through as she tries to remember, and in some ways forget, a rough chapter of her life. Sometimes we all must move on, to continue on to better things, happier things, and if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we must use the past to move forward into our future. Sometimes we must face the pain in order to move forward. Sometimes we must try to remember in order to forget


Directed By Katie Youn
Produced by Nathaniel Drew

Starring: Erin Olsavsky as Sam
Tony Rigas as Tony
Alan Drew as Alan Brooks
Adeline Drew as Young Sam
Jeffrey Masino as Businessman

Edited by Nathaniel Drew
Music by Emma Krewson and Nathaniel Drew
Written by Katie Youn and Nathaniel Drew
Director of Photography – Nathaniel Drew
On-Set Photographer – Colin Goodwin
Re-Recording Mixer – Nathaniel Drew
Sound Mixer – Will Marley
Props – Mia Diwald
Costumes – Katie Youn

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Masino

For everything you have taught us, all the time you have dedicated to our projects, and the countless hours spent helping us form our ideas and bring them to life. Thank you!

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