What Is This Raffle?

We are always looking to build our audience and get our creator’s work out there! To speed up this long process we decided to create a promotion raffle. To put it simply, we are asking YOU, our users, to shout-out Off The Script Films across your social media platforms. In exchange, WE will advertise your filmmaker profile on our website and across our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Every two weeks we will pick two filmmakers to advertise until the next two have been picked.

What Are The Rules?

In order to be successfully entered in our raffle, you must:

  • Shout-out Off The Script Films out on one of your social media platforms
  • The shout-out must include a link/url (www.offthescriptfilms.org) to our website and/or a link to one of our social media accounts linked here.
  • Your shout-out must run for at least 24 hours.
  • Users who create a permanent post advertising Off The Script Films will get their name entered THREE times.
  • Complete the form by clicking the button below

What Can You Win?

Winners of our raffle will receive free promotion across our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as a profile banner on our website!

Social Media Promotion Post Example

Your social media profile promotion post will include your name, one photo, a short description, and an account tag as shown above.

Social Media Promotion Description Example

Check out everything from Off The Script Films!

Insta – (your account link)

Tikok – (your account link)

Facebook – (your account link)

Twitter – (your account link)

Youtube – (your account link)

Website – (your account link)

Off The Script Films’ Recent Projects

Project 1 – (your link)

Project 2 – (your link)

Project 3 – (your link)

Website Profile Promotion Example

These profile advertisements will be run for two weeks on our HOME PAGE! This allows for the most people to see your advertisements.

How Does This Help Filmmakers?

Off The Script Films has always been dedicated to helping filmmakers. So, we have decided to create a promotion feature to further expose up and coming creators to a larger audience.

Promotion across our platforms exposes your profile(s) to hundreds of filmmakers, hundreds of views, and hundreds of potential followers. FOR FREE!

Don’t want to take our word for it? Feel free to check out all our social media platforms and take a look at our following! All of our accounts are linked here.

How Will I Know If I’ve Been Selected?

If you win the raffle, you will receive an email from Off The Script Films. From there you can fill out our profile promotion form and we’ll handle the rest!