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  • Release Date: You don’t have to submit brand new films. Your film could have been made years ago or yesterday!
  • Copyrights: All films we publish on our site must own all of the images, sound effects, visual effects, and music. If you do not, a standard YouTube or Vimeo license will cover you.
  • Free: We only publish films that are open to all audiences. The videos you submit must be published as unlisted or public on YouTube.
  • Responsibility: Off The Script Films assumes no responsibility for the films and content published to the site.
  • Content: Off The Script Films is only a place for filmmakers to share their ideas and promote their works. We do not tolerate inappropriate content in any way.

Our Goal

We hope the submission feature of this website will help to promote up-and-coming filmmakers, help them spread their ideas, and most importantly learn from others. Due to many reasons, not every film submitted will be posted, but we encourage people to continue to submit. We hope to foster an atmosphere where all can come and learn from the many people, and short films published on our platform.


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Your bio is what helps people get to know you as a filmmaker. Off The Script Films encourages that you add one as it can help increase your view times and interactions.

If you would like to submit Behind The Scenes content for your viewers to enjoy, you are welcome to do so here. We accept a video or a post and one will be displayed along with your film. If no Behind The Scenes content is submitted, Off The Script Films may provide a short review of your submission for audiences.

The link must be a valid YOUTUBE or VIMEO link ONLY! Other links will not be accepted.

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