The Promise (2019)

Film Description

After a viral attack incident in Los Angeles, a teenage girl was dismissed early from school, only to find out her world has fallen completely apart.

A film by Hector A Calles

NEFRA (2020)

Film Description

NEFRA is a fictional suspense thriller directed, filmed, edited & written by Sumukh M Suresh. This film was shot on zero budget using an iPhone camera.

A group of friends plan to make a video to spread awareness about the Nefra Virus. They also plan to hang out together post the shoot, as it had been a long time since they met. The nationwide lockdown which mandates quarantine still persists. 

Rahul, one of the friends, warns them about social distancing and the fatal consequences of the violation of this rule. However, on his friends’ persistence, he reluctantly agrees to join them the following day. Next morning is the day of the shoot. Watch the film to find out what fate has in store for the friends.

A film by Sumukh M Suresh (Fan Followers)

In The Depths (2020)

Film Description

Our first short film I hope you guys like it!

A film by Roes Entertainment