Movie Of The Week

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This week’s Movie Of The Week is Argo, directed and starring Ben Affleck. For me, Argo was a wonderful and thrilling break from a lot of the big blockbuster action movies that have been produced recently. The film follows six people who managed to escape from the U.S. Embassy while it was under attack in Iran. The refugees hide away in the Canadian Ambassadors house while they wait to be rescued. Tony Mendez, a CIA operative, is brought to extract them using the cover of a fake film crew producing a film titled Argo.

Not very often do I watch a film and find myself shaking from the suspense. The pacing of the film was perfect. Ben Affleck balanced character development and suspense like a true artist. The film has all of the qualities that keep people entertained while still telling a wonderful narrative. With comedy, action, drama, and suspense it is an entertaining spin on a classic story.

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