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Trailers give viewers a sneak-peek into how a film moves, the story behind it, and the amazing visuals associated with it. A trailer makes viewers want to watch a film in its entirety, and that’s why they are so important! Continue scrolling to view more!

Revenge (2020)

Film Description

Revenge – The 1st release of 5 short horror films. Meet Jack.

A film by Skyler Taylor/Jeff Richardson

Salt City (2018)

Film Description

Kid, an eccentric 28-year-old, has returned to his rustbelt hometown after being away for 10 years. He sets out on a personal odyssey to find an ex-lover, encountering several Salt City freaks along the way.

A film by James D. Froio

Brosa Nostra (2020)

Film Description

After 33 years of exile, Steve Olivieri wants Sigma Mu Theta to return to Greek Row at Southern California College. A legion of fraternity presidents would rather he not. In this world, the only rule is debauchery.

Created by Mike Smith, Zach Rodham and Connor Fitzgerald

A Zephyr Entertainment Production

A film by Zephyr Entertainment

NEFRA (2020)

Film Description

A group of friends plan to make a video to spread awareness about the Nefra Virus. They also plan to hang out together post the shoot, as it had been a long time since they met. The nationwide lockdown which mandates quarantine still persists. Rahul, one of the friends, warns them about social distancing and the fatal consequences of the violation of this rule. However, on his friends’ persistence, he reluctantly agrees to join them the following day. Next morning is the day of the shoot. Watch the film to find out what fate has in store for the friends.

A trailer by Sumukh M Suresh (Fan Followers)

History of Present Illness (2020)

Film Description

A first year medical students stress and anxiety begin to take physical form as she navigates the first year of medical school. 

A trailer by Phil Anjum

Miniatures (2020)

Film Description

 A model maker finds a model kit under strange circumstances: An Avro Lancaster bomber from World War II. He begins to assemble it – and a “pilot” sets off to fulfill his duty …

A trailer by Matias Luge

Mr Shan (2018)

Film Description

Mr. Shan is the story of a young Chinese immigrant in Hollywood on his journey to become the greatest actor of all time. “The Chinese Mr. Bean” – Indie Film Review

A trailer by Zephyr Entertainment

Pandemia (2020)

Film Description

Pandemia tells the story of Mia, a young university student who struggles to cope with the terrible truth that was rapidly spreading a round the world: the global pandemic. In this journey, we see how the young lady changes her perspective about the Coronavirus.

A trailer by Dani Sadun

The Drawing (2020)

Film Description

What happens when your artistic vision comes to life?

A trailer by Dom Grose

Bird Cage (2020)

Film Description

It is a Film inspired from the idea of not being able to do anything, no matter what.

A trailer by Ezekiel Barco

Backpack (2020)

Film Description

Just Roommates Presents: BACKPACK

We all know someone who struggles to put their backpack away…

A trailer by Zephyr Entertainment

Bum Promises (2016)

Film Description

Deep in the Smokey Mountains, a beaten down drifter, unsure of his own humanity, manipulates his way into the home of two grieving siblings. Bum Promises is a short film adaptation of the original play “Bum Promises” written by Jason David. The play was first produced at the University of Southern California in Spring 2015 and directed by Marc Rosenzweig.

A trailer by Zephyr Entertainment

Bitter Sorrow (2020)

Film Description

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if something you like is extinct? If you only had your memories? If the world couldn’t find a plan B? Bitter Sorrow is a short film about a woman through depression after chocolate went extinct in the world.

A trailer by Soul Sight Pictures